Once you acquire a guest, (some) owners and VR managers think that the deal is done and they swiftly move onto the next prospect. The fact is that every guest has a potential to contribute a little bit more towards your bottom line. Renting a villa or holiday home is not just about selling accommodation.

Here are my favourite items to upsell (and your guests will love you for offering them!)

1. Airport Transfers

It is a hassle to find a reputable transport company, go through their reviews, compare their prices only because your flight is late at night and you do not want to risk to be stranded at the airport or train station. Offer your guests airport transfers through a company that you trust. Insist with the company to offer a meet & greet service as this will smoothen the check-in process and minimise delays and inconvenience.

2. Welcome Packs

Offer your guests the option to pre-order a welcome pack. Be creative and prepare baskets with food, local produce, spa/beauty products or anything that your guests usually ask for as soon as they check-in. Here are some ideas;

  • Breakfast Pack (for late arrivals)
  • Spa & Toiletries Pack (for ultra light travellers)
  • Local Fruit & Vegetables
  • Local Produce (Wine, Olive Oil and Bread are always a winner!)

3. Art off the wall

How many times you have been in a holiday home or villa and wanted to take that acrylic painting back home with you? Talk to some local artists and ask them to exhibit their work (being it sculpture, paintings, photos, etc) in your properties with an option for guests to buy. Make it clear that these items are for sale and stick a (discreet) price tag onto the object. Remember to offer a mailing service as most guests would not want to carry extra luggage with them.