It is so nice to step into a holiday villa or boutique hotel and find a well-designed bedroom that makes you feel comfortable the very moment you step inside.

Here are some tips I find handy when styling a guest room

1. White Linen

When it comes to preparing the bed, make sure you buy the best linen you can afford. By “best” I mean linen with a high thread-count. Such material feels more luxurious and is more durable. Avoid the old style bed-spread and instead opt for plain or simple patterns, preferably adding some colour thanks to a runner.

2. Right by your (bed) side

Equip the bedside tables with all the necessary items that a guest may need at an arm’s reach. Start with good reading light, maybe some fresh flowers, a magazine or newspaper, and the TV remote. Do not expect your guests to go through all the drawers looking for items.

3. Tea Time

If your accommodation does not offer catering facilities, it is nice to offer tea and coffee making facilities. It is not only the British who love to find a refreshing drink, as today many guests are delighted at the idea of having an espresso machine in their guest room.

4. Sit Down and Relax

It is important to create a sitting area, preferably with an adjacent coffee table allowing guests to sit back and relax. This would also avoid (at least most of the time) having guests eating in bed.

5. Everything Matching

Once you have a colour scheme, ensure that all soft furnishing matches not only in colour but also in style. Extend this to the bathroom to create a complimentary space.

Note: Photo courtesy of The Caesar (Derby Hotels) in London.

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