Anson David is an entrepreneur with a passion for the travel and hospitality industry. His marketing acumen permits him to take ideas to market fast and develop niche businesses. He has shared his passion  across Europe, namely Barcelona (Spain), Trento (Italy), Catania (Italy), Tallinn (Estonia), Gdansk (Poland), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Strasbourg (France), Nicosia (Cyprus), Paris (France), Torino (Italy),  Bari (Italy), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Brussels (Belgium).

Anson has also worked with clients from Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

anson in barcelona

Barcelona – A session on leadership

Addressed members of:

Served as a board member on the following organisations:

  • UNESCO Youth Forum – Chairperson
  • National Commission for UNESCO (Malta) – Member
  • Malta UNESCO Youth Association – Founding Chairperson
  • Public Broadcasting Services (Malta national broadcaster) – Member
  • National Youth Forum (Malta) – Member

Anson received a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Malta, where over the years he has shared his expertise and stories with budding students.

Based on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Malta, Anson enjoys snorkelling, squash, cooking and driving classic cars.

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