Since in the Mediterranean we see little or no snow at all, our houses feature flat roofs ideal for creating additional space to complement your vacation rental. Here are my tips for maximising the rooftop to attract more guests.


1. Make it Green

With the typical dry, hot Summer Sun, nature around the Mediterranean tends to fade into shades of brown. For this reason it is important to plant evergreen shrubs and trees on your rooftop. My favourite are the olive tree and the lemon tree. Both are indigenous to the region and give a fantastic produce.

It is also advisable to prepare the rooftop with an artificial turf carpet. This softens the area, making it more pleasant and welcoming.


2. Place to Relax

To best enjoy your new rooftop area, it is important to furnish the place with adequate seating and relaxing furniture. My favourite is the hammock, but you can create a great space using outdoor chairs, armchairs, deckchairs and beanbags.


3. And Cook

Your guests will love having a barbecue/grill set at their disposal. A basic unit is affordable and gives more value to your property, allowing guests to cook outdoors, away from the kitchen. Be sure to have adequate cooking tools and a table for all guests.


4. In the Shade

Most of your guests are not used to our Summer’s heat and high UV index. Be considerate and have some shade on your rooftop. It would also complement to offer aftersun cream for the unfortunate ones who venture too long in the Sun.


5. Especially for the little ones

Given you have enough space, prepare a corner for your young guests. These will always appreciate a place to splash, so a small inflatable pool and some floating toys are enough to make them happy.


[icon size=”medium” name=”e-info-circled”] Main photo courtesy of Saveria Village Home, located in Naxxar, Malta