Following the global success of Airbnb and the way it threatens to change the hospitality industry, many were those who have tried to imitate, clone, reproduce, improve, specialise or otherwise copy the success of Airbnb.

After bumping in the ludicrous AirPnP (read pee and pee) last month, I thought that by now the marketplace had reached a point of saturation, a point of no return!

However, the startup MisterBnB got me wondering. It invites it’s visitors to “Travel with Pride” and soon after you realise that this is a peer-to-peer accommodation portal targeted at gay people. My first reaction was “Do we really need an Airbnb for gay people?”

It seems that yes, there is the need for such a thing!

The co-founder of MisterBnB recounts how 4 years ago he booked a shared apartement in Barcelona with his partner. Upon arrival it was clear the host was not comfortable with gay men staying in her home. She even asked “are you going to sleep in the same bed?”

Sadly, I have only one comment here to share: THIS IS NOT HOSPITALITY.