Tallinn, the capital of Estonia has become synonymous with tech start-ups. It is the birthplace of unicorns such as Skype and Bolt. It is buzzing with ideas, energy and an attitude to do things a little bit differently.

Innovation is not limited exclusively to the tech industry but perpetuates in other industries as well. Taking a stroll in the Kalamaja district, just off the Historic Old Town of Tallinn, you will surely be drawn in one of the many creatively-designed bars/restaurants/food-kiosks.

Amongst the many choices for a quick bite or a trendy meal, there is also a space where you can work & sleep.

Hidden behind the historic walls of a Tsarist railway depot, lies one of the most curious ways of doing hospitality. Do not expect to find your off-the-miss hotel guest-room in a glass building but your 14sqm room is nothing more than a 20-foot shipping container!

It’s not a palace but a bit of smart planning and it perfectly fits a practical bathroom, big double bed, work desk, armchair, TV, shelves…let’s just say everything you’d expect from a hotel room. In addition to an experience you’ll not get anywhere else.

The creators of Container Hotel have interpreted the industrial heritage of the Kalamaja district and offer guests a unique work/sleep/play experience in the hearth of a very exciting city.