In a recent issue of HOTELS Magazine, I came across an insightful article listing the Hot Trends Driving Hotel Technology Innovation.

In a world gone completely mobile, accommodation providers, including hoteliers and VR hosts, must fight to capture guest attention and make the guest experience as seamless as possible.

I have personally been beta-testing a multitude of apps ranging from e-Concierge to help with the guest experience, to various IoT devices that transform the room/apartment/villa into a smart unit. I have to admit that some of these are merely toys (or should I say toys-for-boys?) and add very little beyond the novelty of the item.

Having said that, I firmly believe that the right amount of technology, coupled with quality human interaction can help us provide better hospitality.

As a matter of fact, I am working on some of these technologies myself and these include:-

  • Interactive IP TV (that is affordable, easy to use and independent from any provider)
  • eConcierge Apps (that replaces printed information)
  • RFID Access Systems (that offers flexibility and security)
  • Digital PBX systems (that helps small operators to offer a better “presence”)

These are all happening in my own lab and in the coming months I will be sharing with you my experience (and that of our guests) when interacting with such technology.

In the meantime, here is the article from HOTELS about trending technology.