Welcoming guests to a welcome pack is one of the fundamentals in hospitality for the self-catering sector. This article explores what to put in a welcome pack.

So, here we go;

A Warm Welcome

Avoid introducing your property by listing the house rules. Just welcome your guests with a warm note, perhaps explaining the history of the place or the history of the locality. Make it sound personal.

Contact Info

Put your guests mind at rest and show them that you are available should they require to get in touch. Include your phone and that of your assistant or housekeeper. Also make sure you have emergency numbers such as the local hospital and vet.

User Manual

Do not assume that everyone knows how to use your washing machine or dishwasher. Leave a simple users’ manual for the appliances that have more than an on/off button. This will save your guests the frustration and you the inconvenience of tending to calls asking how to use this or that.

House Rules

List all the important do’s and don’t around the house. Explain why the property is non/smoking, how and when to dispose of rubbish and other guidelines. Never assume that your guests know these things. No, it is not obvious!

Getting Around

Provide a map the surrounding area, pinpointing landmarks, essential shops and public transport stops. Indicate the website for the local public transport timetable and leave the contact of a trusted car hire and cab/taxi company.

Must Visits

Although most of your guests would have done their research before leaving for their holiday, they will love  you local recommendations. You could theme each recommendation as adequate for families, couples, young or senior guests. Include tips that are otherwise not shared on traditional guide books.

Finally, your information pack should communicate that you as a host are happy to have your guests over and appreciate their choosing your self-catering. Most importantly, it should be clear and easy to understand.