US-based Evolve Vacation Rental have recently published a study that, amongst other things, indicated the guests’ favourite attributes when booking a holiday property.

1. Space

Space is becoming a commodity if not a luxury. It is very important to maximise both internal and external space to offer plenty of room for guests to enjoy.

Anson’s tip: Get rid of those huge wardrobes in the bedrooms. Guests do not need them!

2. Kitchen

Guests love having a fully-equipped kitchen, even if they don’t get to use it much. Make sure that all the equipment is clean and in working condition, and that there is enough crockery and cutlery.

Anson’s tip: Study well your guests and anticipate their needs – some guests might prefer to find a mocha, others require a coffee press or a percolator, whilst some might not be coffee drinkers at all.

3. Swimming Pool

This is a fantastic amenity to have, especially if you are in the Mediterranean. Guests want to relax by the water, even if it is too cold to swim.

Anson’s tip: When advertising your swimming pool, make sure to indicate the depths as this is important safety information for guests travelling with young children.

4. Hot Tub

Hot tubs are great to have, especially in properties that are marketed for couples. This amenity may be a bit tricky to keep clean but it is worth the hassle. Guests just love hot tubs!

Anson’s tip: Leave instructions on how to keep the hot tub clean for the guests to read. Most would rather do that than be inconvenienced every few days.