According to the Family Travel Association’s U.S. Family Travel Survey, family trips are one of the fastest-growing segments of the tourism industry, and parents are willing to spend money on something they feel is important to their family.

This also means good news for vacation rental owners as amongst the findings of this survey, it seems that families travelling in 2016 will seek more private homes, vacation rentals, and resort residences.

Important to note that the survey emphasises the now-almost-obvious online booking facilities.

The Family Travel Association’s Top 5 Family Travel Trends for 2016 are…

5. Families have more options than ever for accommodations that fit their needs and budget.

4. A spontaneous trip is no longer something only possible for the rich and famous.

3. Parents and kids are vacationing with grandparents and extended families.

2. Vacations aren’t just for spring break and summer anymore.

1. Families are traveling with their friends.

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