A recent study conducted by British travel deals website TravelZoo is suggesting that the travelling habits of Britons are being drastically changed by the treat of terrorism.

The study indicates that 75% of the respondents are now actively avoiding Islamic countries for holiday destinations whilst 73% said the migrant situation has put them off travelling through the Channel Tunnel or by Eurostar.

Over half of those who participated in the study admitted that the Tunisia terrorist attack has put them off booking a holiday anywhere abroad.

“Usually when Britain has a cool and wet summer, we are keen to take holiday somewhere warm. The events of this summer, however, have impacted the choices British consumers are making about where to go. This is particularly true, at least in the short term, for some of the previously popular tourist destinations amongst British tourists”

said Yeganeh Morakabati, Academic in Risk and Tourism at Bournemouth University.

“What is clear from the research is that the relative levels of risk perception have increased uncertainty and this has left the door open to fear. As a result British travellers are finding it increasingly difficult to decide on the safest destination for a holiday abroad.”