It probably all started with MP3s. I am talking about this peer-to-peer / swapping culture. Today we share cars, bicycles, and have access to peer-to-peer loans, accommodation, tutoring… but recently I discovered that I could also swap nights!

This is not really like AirBnB because there is no money involved. Yes brings us the promise of free accommodation. You might tell me “well, we have already couch surfing” and you are completely right. The system works on the same premise; strangers hosting other strangers who cannot afford to pay for their accommodation. However, added a simple-yet-ingenious level to the existing model – that of accumolating points in terms of “night”. So, I understand that if I host strangers for 10 nights, I get 10 nights of free-stays with other members.

According to their website, my options are great! One hundred sixty countries and 180,000 members to choose from. On top of that I could try out the whole experience by travelling before you host. Obviously, since you do not have any “nights” accumulated, you will be required to pay!

Then again, whilst I am being all diffident and sarcastic, the French startup has just landed €2million in funding. Respect!