Sometime ago I have explored the idea of having robots working in hospitality. Today such concepts are perhaps a step closer to reality thanks to MaidBot.

Maidbot is meant to help out in houskeeping by solving the “two biggest issues in housekeeping – time and injuries”.

The team behind Maidbot consists of robotics and hospitality industry experts with a passion for transformation. They intend their invention to “decreases the time to clean a room and reduces work-related injuries while improving the room attendant and guest experiences.”

Although their timeline dictates that the company is out of proving their concept and started their initial testing phase, I could find little visual evidence this “revolution”.

“When I was younger, I watched reruns of The Jetsons and loved it,” said Micah Green, founder and CEO at Maidbot. “I loved the amazing technology as well as thinking about the future. Since I was always intrigued by robots, Rosie the Robot was at the top of my list. Then when I was shadowing room attendants at the Statler Hotel in Ithaca as part of my classes in the Cornell Hotel School, I realized there were many issues with housekeeping.”