Undeniably, the internet through its many devices has changed the way consumers shop for travel products and interact with brands. The product choice and information available online has changed the travel market from a seller’s to a buyer’s market.

Consumers have also been empowered by having more opportunities to share experiences and influence others. Deloitte research shows that 42 per cent of holidaymakers used review websites when planning their last holiday. Not only is usage increasing, but reviews are becoming more important as 59 per cent say these sites have the most influence on their booking decisions.

Digital has also fragmented the consumer path to purchase.

At the same time, travel businesses need to adapt to the fragmentation of the digital channel. Deloitte research shows that a third of holidaymakers used two or more devices when researching their most recent holiday, and only 17 per cent of holidaymakers who carried out research on their smartphone also used the device to book.

This report by Deloitte considers the importance of capturing consumer data and what travel businesses can do better to track consumer activity across different channels and devices.

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