Since Google spent a whopping 3.2 billion dollars to acquire Nest all eyes have turned on the Internet of Things. According to market research firm Gartner, 25 billion of these next generation devices will be in use by the year 2020. So how can we vacation rental owners, benefit from the Internet of things to run our business? Read on to see how these devices can make you stand out from the crowd while reducing energy consumption and providing more safety.


Some very forward thinking companies have come up with devices connected to the internet that can help cut the energy bills of your vacation rentals.


Already mentioned Nest has a strong support and background. Their thermostat product takes care of heating in your vacation rental. Its fully automatic mode is very smart and can efficiently take care of a temperature management. Installation is pretty easy according to this youtube video, so that’s a plus point given its price range from €250 to €299.


“Nest for air conditioners” – that’s one of the reviews for Sensibo and it pretty much sums it up. This IOT device turns ANY (even very old) A/C into a very smart one. There is a short and very funny video on YouTube that explains how can Sensibo make your life easier. Don’t forget to use IFTTT (if this then that) with this device, too. So how much is it? The price starts at €150.


This incredible iot device helps you monitor the energy consumption on real-time basis. Wattvision allows you to work with your data efficiently – view them as tables or charts or make comparisons between your vacation rentals to see and decide what can be improved. Available from $249.



Whether a fire or a burglar, IOT devices can help protect your property. Here are some innovative products that could be implemented in your vacation rental to keep it safe.

Belkin Wemo Switch

Have your guests ever left the oven on? No worries – if the oven is plugged in to Belkin WeMo Switch, you can easily turn it off with your smartphone from anywhere via Internet! It’s a simple but helpful plug to have and it’s available on Amazon from €35.99.

Nest Smart Alarm

Already mentioned Nest has something to offer for the safety of vacation rentals as well. As soon as it detects a fire or CO, it lets you know on your smartphone via SMS or e-mail. More importantly, it notifies anyone in the house about possible danger (perhaps forgotten burnt toast). It has no problem distinguishing steam from smoke and this smart assistant is available for only €109.


Thanks to Pointcentral, a keyless door can be opened with a PIN.  You can also use web to open or close the door with your smartphone, tablet or computer. All check-ins and check-outs are recorded with related timestamp so you have your vacation rentals always under control. All these features will undoubtedly make your check-in process more efficient and less costly.