This article and the accompanying infographic are contributed by Mary Smith for Killarney Hotels.

Every industry has to face the evolving nature of technology and how fast paced it has become. The hotel industry is no different.

When it comes to hotel websites, implementing review widgets onsite can assist with perfecting customer service and the hotel brand’s reputation in the online world. In fact, when it comes to reviews and specifically negative reviews, it is not all bad news as four out of every five TripAdvisor users say they think a hotel cares more when it posts management responses.

Outside of the hotel’s website, hotels also need to make more use of social media across the spectrum and video based channels such as YouTube and Vimeo are where the industry is lagging behind. For example, only one in three hotel’s make use of YouTube while more than four in five make use of Facebook.

In terms of mobile technology, 5G is the future. While it is not expected to become mainstream until at least 2020, as with all things, early adopters are most likely to reap the benefits this technology can bring.

Killarney Hotels IG Hotel Technology Trends-Infographic