Email Marketing is truly an important aspect for any online business, however, not all sectors make the best use of this tool. Steering away from spam practices where trying to broadcast your message to as large a list as possible is not effective. This catch-all approach rarely renders any leads to the business, but this does not mean we cannot make a great use of emails.

Here are my top tips for Email Marketing in Holiday Rental Business

1. Follow Up

Whether you received a booking enquiry over email, or your potential guests have abandoned their session on your website’s booking engine, it is important that you follow up after a few days via email. Try to engage your prospective booker by offering to reply to any answer pertaining to the property of the area. Show that you are available (and that you are a human, not a bot.)

2. Remind

Loyalty in this sector is very important, so do remind your past guests that you are still in business. Even better share with them any improvement that you have undertaken on your property (especially if it was a guest complaint or suggestion). Also remind guests about annual festivals and important events in your area.

3. Reward

Say thank you by offering a reward to your departing guests. Show them how much you loved having them over by extending a discount for their next booking, or even better, a voucher to be redeemed by family and friends