I have been using Orbirental as a booking engine for my vacation rental business since the beginning of the year. Although no SaaS (software as a service) fits perfectly to one’s business needs, Orbirental comes very close. Mostly due to the dedication of it’s founders, Stephan Osmont and Dean Kelly, and their team. They have listened to our business needs and addressed concerns usually within a few hours. And they still do!

Just a few days ago I learnt about yet another milestone for this startup – a partnership with one of the big players in the industry Tripping.com. With over 5 million properties spanning 150,000+ destinations worldwide, Tripping.com makes it easy to compare vacation rentals from the world’s top travel sites.

What does it mean for Orbirental?

For Osmont and Kelly it is surely a huge pat on their back, especially since this partnership will offer their customs massive visibility – the kind of visibility that attracts direct, zero-commission bookings. Since Orbirental was  developed by vacation rental and technology industry experts, this move is perhaps a natural one, but yet again, not at all “obvious” since it is becoming harder for VR managers to work without paying (hefty?) commissions to the likes of AirBnB.

Osmont thinks that “[t]his partnership makes perfect sense: similar to Tripping.com, Orbirental leverages technology, integrations and automation to build an efficient vacation rental product. We couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces!

I am excited as well!

Good luck guys.