Owners and property managers alike know the benefits of marketing a unique property. Being the location, the view, the decor, the space or a combination of any of the above, a unique property can attract higher rates and better guests.Today I shall start a series of mini-articles featuring wildly-unique holiday rentals that apart from being crazy/spectacular, they may serve as an inspiration to those looking to own a unique holiday rental.

The first property takes us to… Malibu, Califronia (USA)

A truly unique property, the Malibu Wing House lets guests stay under the wings of a Boeing 747. Designed by US architect David Randall Hertz, the property has been widely acclaimed due to its sustainable use of recycled materials as dozens of redundant planes sit in the deserts of California. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains with panoramic views, the house features an art studio using the upper fuselage as a roof, a guest house which incorporates the first class cabin deck and a meditation pavilion which is made from the entire front of the plane, plus the cockpit windows form a skylight.

Take a look at this incredible property https://www.3rdhome.com/properties/2494-malibu-california-the-famous-malibu-wing-house