With AirBnB.com announcing that it will extend it’s peer-to-peer accommodation model to accomodate also professional vacation rental owners and managers, HomeAway.com stands to lose most in the market place.

But HomeAway will surely not stay put and wait for AirBnB to munch it’s market share, not after 10 years of solid online growth.

So HomeAway engages Saatchi & Saatchi London to create and run a campaign explaining the (not so) funny and uncomfortable ways that sharing someone’s home on vacation can go wrong.

The disgusting hairy bar of soap distills the message so well…

Who wants to find a stranger's hair on their soap?

Who wants to find a stranger’s hair on their soap?

HomeAway’s ad campaign,  features TV, digital and social media ads that mock the so-called sharing economy—the peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services, a trend Airbnb helped pioneer.

The ads, which will also run in countries such as France, the U.K. and Germany, demonstrate, in a humorous way, the weird situations people face when they share accommodations with strangers.