Lonley Planet – a leading travel media company, has recently released it’s annual list of top beaches in Europe.

The “Old Continent” is gemmed with beautiful beaches, some of which stripped with Caribbean-quality sand, others secluded in cliff rock coves.


In the 10th place we see an unusual destination – Lithuania. This Baltic country has made it to the top list with the fine sands of Curonian Spit. Lonely Planet describes it as full of

Lush forests and grasslands [that] attract an array of winged wildlife, earning the Curonian Spit a reputation as a birdwatcher’s heaven. Amid this terrain you can marvel at the spectacle of Europe’s largest moving sand dunes.


The Greek island of Antipaxi with its gorgeous Voutoumi beach placed 9th. The best part of this beach is that it is shared by only 20 local inhabitants!

Another Mediterranean island placed 8th with the secluded Cala Macarella, a horseshoe-shaped cove on the island of Menorca, Spain.

The 7th Best Beach in Europe according to Lonely Planet has very cold waters, at least when compared to the previous two. Sandwood Bay is located in the remote northwestern tip of Scotland and faces on to waters that stretch to the Arctic.

Bantham Beach in England placed 6th thanks to its combination of sand, dunes and rock pools. This beach also attracts surfers and hikers, but mind you that it is owned by a private individual.


In the fifth position in this top 10 we are invited to take a dip once again in cold water as we see Vik Beach in Iceland mentioned on Lonely Planet’s annual list. Do not expect the usual golden sand here because this volcanic island offers an amazing beach full of dark black sand.

The Italian island of Sardinia is world-famous for its beaches. This year Lonely Planet awarded 4th place to the island’s Cale Goloritzé – a tiny inlet of bone-white pebbles overshadowed by towering, macchia-clad rocks.

Not too far North, on the French island of Corsica we find the 3rd Best Beach in Europe for 2015. The honour goes to Rondinara Beach with its crystal blue waters. Lonely Planet recommends this beach for families with young children thanks to its sheltered position.

The second place takes us to a beach famous with surfers as this year it will also host the World Surfing League. This is the port of Peniche in Portugal.

And the winner is…


Well, Lonely Planet thinks that the waters of the Adriatic Sea host the best beach in Europe. This year the top mention goes to the host of the Sea Dance Festival – Jaz Beach in Montenegro.