Getting there is always an important part of your holiday experience. The multitude of legacy and low-cost airlines out there offering so many choices with varied pricing that most of the time makes the process of selecting and purchasing an airline ticket quite a feat. But here comes TripDelta.

TripDelta is a metasearch startup that aims to help travelers discover “hidden” flights. Its motto is “find flights like a travel hacker.”

Its search tool combines rival airlines on oneway/return flights, whereas the standard online travel agency or metasearch website only shows connecting flights by airlines that have partnerships.

TripDelta’s searches can uncover significant savings by booking these “split tickets”, where each leg has to be bought separately on the airline or online travel agency website.

But there may be a cost in convenience. If a traveler needs to book separate tickets on separate carriers, a traveler may have to check their luggage in separately during layovers. And a traveler may run into trouble if one flight is delayed and an onward connection is missed.

That said, by offering multi-destination search across rival airlines, TripDelta can be a tool for booking split tickets.

The Cologne-based startup received a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Now it is part of one of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerators and is looking for funding.