Travellers are increasing becoming conoisseurs, much before they arrive at their destination. The overload of information coming from all online directions, prepares travellers to the best and worst of a destination.

This makes you guest, an informed one that knows what they want to experience and probably have an idea of what to expect.

When selecting their destination, these travellers factor in cuisine, location, service and more. Service providers advertising local produce tend to attract the curious foodies who list such experiences amongst the most important in their travel experience.


This goes along-side other highly sought-after products such as wine and olive oil.


These trends, in fact, are closely associated to accommodation providers such as agritourism complexes. However, the big guys are watching closely. Erik Wolf, World Food Travel Association Executive Director will be delivering two sessions about leveraging food and drink as drivers for tourism on November 3 at ExCel (London) during World Travel Market 2015. Details at