New research conducted by POLO has shown that it’s the added extras that make the biggest impression. In an age when online review can make or break a hotel or restaurant, getting a good review from customers should be at the top of every operator’s list of priorities.

The survey revealed that almost 70 per cent of consumers feel more valued when given unexpected ‘freebies’ in hotels, while 63 per cent of the respondents mentioned that they would be more likely to share positive feedback as a result .

What’s more, just under 1 in 5 people would be more likely to tip when offered complimentary mints at the end of a meal in a restaurant . Remembering people’s names, being flexible and not being rushed were also cited as key reasons that encouraged customers to tip.

“Providing that little extra clearly goes a long way in leaving a positive lasting impression on both hotel guests and diners,”

said Anu Christie-David, Nestlé Professional Sweet Food Category Manager.

“Complimentary treats are a big opportunity to reassure consumers on the quality of their experience and play a subtle, but important, role in encouraging them to leave positive reviews.”