Encouraged by rising disposable incomes, growing direct flight lines, and an extended period of appreciating Chinese Yuan, the Chinese have became the world’s most prolific travelers. In 2014, China outpaced the United States for most outbound travelers and the most international travel spending in the world with a record $164.8 billion spent. In 2015, Chinese travelers made roughly 133 million foreign trips and spent more than $200 billion on tourism related activities. That number is expected to reach a whopping $422 billion by the year 2020 – that’s roughly equivalent to the GDPs of developed countries like Portugal and Ireland combined.

Those numbers are staggering, and give us insight into the future international travel trends of the most lucrative population in the world.

To help make sense of the future of Chinese international travel, and understand the travel and accommodation preferences and trends of Chinese international travelers, Resonance’s 2016 Future of Chinese International Travel Report analyzes 1.2 million reviews of 94,000 attractions around the world on Qyer.com – a TripAdvisor-like site popular with young independent Chinese travelers.


The report shows how European destinations are amongst the most favourite with the Chinese traveller. In fact the report indicates that France is the most favourite destination out of Asia. The top-list also includes UK and Italy (6th and 7th place), together with Spain and Germany (9th and 10th).

Take a look at the full report entitled 2016 The Future of Chinese International Travel